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Almonte Crazy Quilters

almontecrazy_AlmonteCrazyQuilters-_7150382 square.jpg
almontecrazy_AlmonteCrazyQuilters-_7150384 4 squares.jpg
almontecrazy_AlmonteCrazyQuilters-_7150389 Village.jpg
almontecrazy_AlmonteCrazyQuilters-_7150391 3 flowers.jpg
almontecrazy_AlmonteCrazyQuilters-_7150395 3 Ladies dancing.jpg
almontecrazy_AlmonteCrazyQuilters-_7150398 Small quilt.jpg
almontecrazy_AlmonteCrazyQuilters-_7150402 Geometric quilt.jpg
almontecrazy_AlmonteCrazyQuilters-_7150406 3 Daisies.jpg
almontecrazy_AlmonteCrazyQuilters-_7150407 Pa Dutch design.jpg

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Glenda Jones, Who is this Reever?

Glenda Jones, Who is this Reever?

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Thu, 14 Apr 2016
Because Trees.
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Free walks, bike ride, talks in Almonte & area, Aug 18-24. Click for details.

Wed, 13 Apr 2016
Auction for Corkery Community Member
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Fri, 08 Apr 2016
Creative Summer Camps in the Valley
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Alan Mirabelli, Photographer

Jennifer Noxon, Painter

John Shea, Watercolour Artist

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