About theHumm

Rob and Kris Riendeau, publishers of theHumm

The Big Picture

theHumm is a free, monthly, independent newspaper covering Arts, Entertainment and Ideas in the small towns and communities of the oVal (Ottawa Valley). Circulation ranges from 7,000 to 9,000 copies, depending on the season.

The paper has been in publication since 1998. It is designed, edited and published by Kris and Rob Riendeau, but its contributors and columnists come from throughout the Valley. They are talented individuals who are dedicated to promoting and enhancing their communities.

In addition to the paper version (which is delivered to shops, restaurants, libraries, community hang-outs and visitor attractions in the above-mentioned towns), we also maintain a website (but you know that - you're already here, you clever thing). If you want any other information about us, feel free to contact us.

A little bit of history

In late 2013 columnist Linda Seccaspina published a fantastic profile of theHumm on Zoomer, Snapshots of Small Town Main Street - What Makes a Newspaper Humm? (Photo of Rob and Kris courtesy of Linda Seccaspina.)

What's in a name

Short answer: The name was chosen because it represents a humm or a buzz of activity going on - a sort of pleasant chorus of events and happenings.

Long answer: Ric Denis, an amazing musician who is married to one of theHumm's original editors (Heather Farquharson, the other original editor being Jill McCubbin), once had a band named The Humm, but the band never really got off the ground, so when we were all sitting around back in 1998 saying "what should we call this free, independent, monthly Arts, Entertainment & Ideas publication that we're dreaming up here?" Ric offered up his never-really-got-off-the-ground band name to the cause, because he felt it represented a humm or a buzz of activity going on - a sort of pleasant chorus of events and happenings!

Where to pick it up

theHumm is distributed around the first of the month, each and every month. For a full list of pick up locations, click here.

If you like what we do, please consider supporting theHumm!