Humm FAQs

Why do you publish a free independent monthly Arts, Entertainment & Ideas paper?

In a nutshell, theHumm’s mandate is to “foster a positive and dynamic vision of the communities we serve by promoting the local arts & entertainment scenes and providing a forum for opinions and ideas."

We actually wrote that back in 2000, when we mapped out our business plan (with the help of Business Plans for Dummies — no kidding). At the same time we wrote the following objectives, which are just as relevant today:

  • to promote and increase awareness of local entertainment, artistic cultural and community events, both within and without the area we cover;
  • to connect artists, performers, venues, organizations, patrons & audiences;
  • to appeal to both residents and visitors;
  • to provide a comprehensive calendar of events as a single source for monthly happenings;
  • to encourage readers to shop, dine, and be entertained locally, and to actively participate in local organizations and events; and finally,
  • to provide a forum for alternative-to-mainstream opinions and ideas!

If I were to write something and send it in, would you publish it?

We always encourage letters to the editor, so if you have something to say about anything you see (or don’t see) in the paper, please let us know via email ( or by mailing it to Box 1391, Almonte, ON, K0A 1A0.

If you wish to submit an article, we welcome those as well but have to prioritize events that are within our distribution area, happening within the month in question, and related to our themes of arts, entertainment & ideas.

We also try to make room for the occasional poem or short work of fiction, so send it in and we’ll do our best to publish it!

Our content deadline for the print paper is always the 20th of the month prior to publication, and we prefer a word count of 300-500 for press releases, with a maximum of 1000 words for longer articles.

We also welcome electronic submissions to our blog (send them to us at, which is especially helpful if you miss our print deadline. The guidelines are essentially the same as those listed above, but there’s no hard and fast deadline, and we prefer a maximum of 500 words per submission.

I’ve got a friend who happens to be an artist, and she’s having an Open Studio at her home in the Valley. Can theHumm help promote it?

Absolutely! Have her email the information to us and we'll put it on the calendar. If she can send it to us by the 20th of the month prior to publication, and it will be included for free in our print calendar. If she gives us enough warning, we can also try to include it in one of our columns, such as Hanging Around the Valley. And remember, we cover arts, entertainment and community events in the calendar.

My friend also has a group show coming up in Ottawa. Can you promote that too?

Sorry — no can do. As the only free, independent, monthly Arts, Entertainment & Ideas publication in the Ottawa Valley, we have to stay focused on the Valley. The big city has many media outlets, and we’ve only got 40 pages to cover the wealth of activities happening each month in our distribution area. We do welcome display ads for Ottawa events though!

Speaking of ads, is that how you keep the paper coming out every month?

That, along with the tremendous support we get from our contributors, readers, distribution spots, etc. etc. Our advertisers have helped theHumm grow in terms of distribution, circulation, and longevity over the years. And our wonderful readers have heard our message about shopping (and dining and being entertained) locally. Every time you say “Hey — I saw your ad in theHumm” you help us too!

Last question: Why is it called theHumm?

Short answer: The name was chosen because it represents a humm or a buzz of activity going on — a sort of pleasant chorus of events and happenings.

Long answer: Ric Denis, an amazing musician who is married to one of theHumm's original editors (Heather Farquharson, the other original editor being Jill McCubbin), once had a band named The Humm, but the band never really got off the ground, so when we were all sitting around back in 1998 saying “what should we call this free, independent, monthly Arts, Entertainment & Ideas publication that we’re dreaming up here?, Ric offered up his never-really-got-off-the-ground band name to the cause, because he felt it represented a humm or a buzz of activity going on — a sort of pleasant chorus of events and happenings!