Last Duel Park - Perth

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22 Craig St. Perth K7H 1X8

Located just off Hwy. #43 on the Tay River, Last Duel Park is aptly named after the last and most infamous duel in Upper Canada, when Messrs. Lyon and Wilson battled over the honour of Miss Elizabeth Hughes. Now a peaceful, natural retreat, Last Duel Park consists of 27 acres with such features as public washrooms in the Gatehouse, public docks and boat launch, a picnic area and shelter. It’s the home of the Wendy Laut Ribbon of Life walking trail, and also several community events which take place here every year. Across from the docks you’ll see the Old Burying Grounds, which many people find useful for genealogical tours. The Burying Grounds is the resting place of William Lyon and many of Perth’s founding fathers.