Perth Independent Cinema Society (PICS) - Perth

Listing Contact: Email: INFO@PICSPICS.CA

26 Craig St. Perth

Their mission is to screen award-winning international and Canadian independent films with mature themes. Films specifically aimed at entertaining, inspiring, informing, and amusing those with discerning minds. A monthly movie with two screenings – afternoon & evening.

Share in:

  • Companionship and adventure
  • Inspiration to be better
  • Art appreciation
  • Learning and coping with situations
  • Building positivity by boosting endorphins and decreasing stress hormones
  • Escapism via other realities
  • Creativity
  • Humour – the best medicine

Join them monthly to explore film from all angles, and share your thoughts on social media. Screenings every second Wednesday from June to September, matinees and evenings. Showings at Full Circle Theatre (Perth), tickets at [updated 2022]