Ice Breaker has World Premiere in Perth - theHumm September 2022

Ice Breaker has World Premiere in Perth - theHumm September 2022

By Rob Riendeau

September 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1972 “Summit Series”, considered one of the most important events in Canadian history alongside Confederation, Vimy Ridge, and the adoption of the Maple Leaf Flag. Ice Breaker – the ’72 Summit Series is a new film that explores the subject with passion, diversity and an impressive cast of participants who offer their unique analyses and untold stories. theHumm contacted director Robbie Hart to find out more about his new film and its connection to Perth, Ontario.

theHumm: I remember watching the final game of the series as a grade school student in suburban Montreal. It seems that every Canadian older than 55 has a memory of Paul Henderson’s series-winning goal (it’s even mentioned in a Tragically Hip song). Robbie, what are your memories of the series?

Robbie Hart: I was 12 years old in September 1972. I loved hockey and the HABS and was very much aware that this series between the two countries was a big event. I also knew that seven players from Montreal were invited to try out for Team Canada, including #27, Frank Mahovlich, who was my favourite player at the time.

However, in 1972-73, I was living in South Florida and did not get to experience the memorable game eight like thousands of kids across Canada, who were crowded into school gyms and watching on small TVs, often with sketchy images. That scene is well depicted in my film. It’s September 28, 1972, and all of Canada has come to a grinding halt to watch this decisive hockey game. Businesses close down, classrooms empty — the whole country is listening on radio or watching on a TV.

I really wanted to re-create the tension, atmosphere and drama of that historic day and believe that now it’s been well achieved with Ice Breaker. I hope audiences feel the same.

Do you find that younger generations are aware of the Summit Series and its importance?

The genesis of the Ice Breaker documentary project actually begins with a personal discovery. Nearly two years ago, I found a book titled Cold War — The 1972 Canada-USSR Summit Series. The book was abandoned on a Montreal street corner, but the dramatic cover photo of a Soviet hockey player standing nose to nose with Canadian hockey icon Phil Esposito caught my attention. I picked it up and began reading and before long came to a wonderful and unexpected realization. Despite being a passionate hockey player, a history buff and lover of our national game, I actually knew little about the 1972 Summit Series and the intense drama, debate and desperation of those 27 days in September.

Of course, I knew that Canada beat the Russians in an epic eight-game series; that we had to win the last three games to pull off an unbelievable comeback; that Paul Henderson scored the winning goal in game eight with 34 seconds left and became a national hero; and that all of Canada was mesmerized during the month of September 1972 — glued to their radios and televisions to root for Team Canada.

I remember all of that… But I really didn’t know much more. And I realized that people around me knew little about the Summit Series, especially younger Canadians. My kids, now in their 20s, didn’t even know it happened! One night at dinner I recounted some of the story, and they were fascinated. So what happened? Did Canada beat the Russians? Who won? Hard to believe that my own kids didn’t know who Paul Henderson was.

This realization only grew more pronounced in the following days and weeks when I began sharing my discoveries with best friends, colleagues and neighbours who also knew very little of what took place and how it happened. I found it hard to believe that one of the most important events in Canadian political and cultural history of the 20th century, often compared to Confederation, the maple leaf flag and Expo 67, was not on the radar screen for most people under the age of 50. A significant generation gap was not only sitting right there in my own home but across the street as well. A monumental chapter of Canadian history — its legends and legacy — were not properly remembered or recognized by younger Canadians.

So my motives were now in place, giving me the purpose and passion to embark on this documentary journey. I was determined to give it a go.

How did you first become aware of Gary Smith’s role in the series, and how did he and his book influence the documentary?

When I was convinced to make this documentary, I reached out to a close colleague of mine, Peter Raymont, who is a veteran filmmaker and producer based in Toronto. I felt that this film would benefit from his experience and wide network of contacts.

I felt that a monumental subject like the ’72 Summit Series required a strong team. Peter and I quickly agreed to co-produce and that I would be the director. Peter then introduced me to a close friend of his, award-winning hockey writer and journalist Roy Macgregor. Roy was quick to advise us that a gentleman named Gary Smith of Perth, Ontario — a former Canadian diplomat based in Moscow in 1971-72 — was writing a book about the Summit Series and the untold stories of how it happened and his key role behind the scenes.

Gary quickly became an ally of the project, and the rights to his upcoming book were optioned by White Pine Pictures. It was obvious to me from the get-go that Gary’s story and his political and diplomatic involvement were fascinating narratives not yet shared with a wide audience. I really wanted Ice Breaker to look at ’72 from a new lens and tell the story from fresh perspectives. With Gary on board, it was clear we had a unique angle on the Summit Series. In fact, former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau essentially mandated Gary to foster exchanges with the Soviets in an effort to create détente and reduce Cold War tensions.

Today, Gary’s book Ice War Diplomat is a nationally acclaimed bestseller. Gary also came with me to Moscow on my Ice Breaker shoot and the two of us have become good friends.

Do you think your documentary provides any direction for dealing with the global political conflicts of today? Was the ’72 Summit Series a model that could hopefully bring countries together in this day and age?

One of the key lessons from this project, and what comes out strongly in the film, is the power of sports to unify, to transcend differences. It’s clear that the ’72 Summit Series was an “ice-breaker”. It really opened the door to improved relations between Canada and Russia and cemented a friendship that endures today. When I was filming in Moscow in October 2021, I was well received and treated like a hockey brother by legendary Soviet goaltender Vladislav Tretiak.

However, what is often referred to as the “hockey bridge” between our countries is today threatened with Putin’s unethical invasion and war in Ukraine. One can only hope this comes to an end very soon and that sports like hockey will cornerstone the resolution process.

It’s important to also note that the ’72 Summit Series transformed the game of hockey and took our sport to a whole new level. I often like to say that although Canada came out victorious at the very end, the big winner was the game of hockey itself.

1972 transformed the sport and globalized the NHL with players from around the world. It was the launching pad for the Swedes, Finns, Czechs, Slovaks and Russians to share their skills and hockey DNA. In 1972, 85% of NHL players were Canadian. Today, nearly half of the world’s most important hockey league is nurtured by players from other countries.

Besides viewing the film, what else (and who else) can audiences expect from the screenings at Studio Theatre Perth?

I believe audiences will be treated to an entertaining and dramatic experience watching this story unfold on a big screen. In addition, they will get to meet and talk with me during the Q&A, as well as meet my special guests — political cartoonist Terry Mosher (aka AISLIN), who is featured in Ice Breaker, and Perth’s very own Gary J. Smith.

Please also note that both Smith and Mosher will be in the lobby of the Studio Theatre Perth, post-screening, to sign copies of their new books.

Tickets to the September 6 and 7 screenings of Ice Breaker – the ’72 Summit Series are available from Tickets Please (485–6434,


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Ice Breaker has World Premiere in Perth - theHumm September 2022

By Rob Riendeau

September 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1972 “Summit Series”, considered one of the most important events in Canadian history alongside Confederation, Vimy Ridge, and the adoption of the Maple Leaf Flag. Ice Breaker – the ’72 Summit Series is a new film that explores the subject with passion, diversity and an impressive cast of participants who offer their unique analyses and untold stories. theHumm contacted director Robbie Hart to find out more about his new film and its connecti......


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On September 4, come out to MERA (McDonalds Corners and Elphin Recreation and Arts) for an Art Show and Meet the Artist event featuring the work of Brian and Leane Bailey.

Brian and Leane retired from their careers in 2016 and moved to Ompah, Ontario, where Brian resumed his interest in art by drawing using pastel pencils. In early 2017, Brian encouraged Leane to do some drawing and she started drawing some simple landscapes and animals using coloured pencils. During that time the......


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The 2022 Kingston WritersFest returns as an in-person event this fall and features a diverse lineup of magnificently talented authors.

The lineup was unveiled in mid-July, and it’s impressive. Kicking off the festival on September 28 is acclaimed Canadian novelist Heather O’Neil, who will be reading from her latest bestseller, When We Lost Our Heads.

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Merilyn Simondsto Visit Mississippi Mills Public Library - theHumm September 2022

On Thursday, September 15 at 6:30pm, the Almonte branch of the Mississippi Mills Public Library welcomes popular Canadian author Merilyn Simonds. Simonds will read from her new novel Woman, Watching and sign copies of her book. Almonte’s Mill Street Books will be in attendance to sell copies of a few of Simonds’ titles as well as her most recent book.

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Harvest Moon Orchard on Carp Road is for sale! After nearly 40 years in the apple business, Randy and I have decided to retire and sell our property with the house, store and orchard.We have a great crop this year and we will be open as usual at 4625 Carp Road from Thursday through Sunday until November. Most of the non-food items in our store are 50% off! On Saturdays, Randy will be at the Carp Farmers’ Market.

It has been a labour of love. The best part has been meeting so many people. We’ve ha......


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Meditation practice is common to many spiritual traditions. In a six-week course led by Anna Karuna Egan, participants will explore the philosophical foundations of Buddhist meditation. You will learn techniques that invite more perspective and a greater sense of calm, while understanding how to diffuse stress and acknowledge the habitual patterns we hold in the body and mind. 

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Some things are simply better together, and this is certainly the case with The Somerset Combo. Ric Denis on guitar and Tony Stuart on clarinet (and occasionally saxophone) create a magical sound every time they perform. Chances are you may have seen them at a local festival or one of the jazz clubs in and around Ottawa.

Their sound is distinctive, and you’ll feel yourself being transported to a café in Paris or driving a strip of road in Brazil as their instruments blend into one unique voice.



Fall Music Series at MERA - theHumm September 2022

Music at MERA is excited to announce the fall lineup for their Sunday afternoon series at the MERA Schoolhouse in McDonalds Corners. They are also announcing a Friday night fundraiser on the evening of October 14 featuring the legendary troubadour Valdy.

The Sunday series begins on September 11 with a classical concert featuring Karen Donnelly on trumpet and Frédéric Lacroix on piano. This unique pairing will offer the audience a surprising range of wonderful musical pieces.

On September 18......


Book Launch of Recollections - theHumm September 2022

Plan to join author Noreen Tyers at her book launch on Saturday, September 24 at St. James Anglican Church, 12 Harvey Street in Perth from 1:30–3:30pm, with a program at 2pm.

Noreen grew up in the 1940s in the Eastview section of Ottawa. She has authored many stories related to that time from her truly clear memories of situations and how she experienced life at that time. In her early adulthood, when her children were small, the family moved to a century farm in Lanark Township near ......


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Come to Westport on Saturday, September 17 for the return of this popular event, where local residents meet businesses on front porches around the village for fun, food, and fabulous entertainment! Running from noon to 9pm, Westporch is a FREE outdoor walking tour of Westport, as front porches become a showcase for regional artists, musicians, activities and treats.

Organizers John Pringle (Rideau Lakes Radio) and Trevor Connell (What’s On Westport) were inspired to bring Westporch b......


North Frontenac Back Roads Studio Tour - theHumm September 2022

Twenty-one artists living and working in North Frontenac Township are creatively planning for another wonderful Studio Tour this year. It will be held on the weekend of September 24 and 25, between 10am and 4pm each day.

The North Frontenac Back Roads Studio Tour has happened now for nine years. It was not cancelled during the Covid years of 2020 and 2021. In fact, it had two of the most successful years ever. Many of the artists on it have participated from the beginning. This year......


“Market Masala” Child Haven Fundraiser - theHumm September 2022

Market Masala is back! This year’s event in support of Child Haven International will take place on Sunday, October 2 from 3–5pm at the Carleton Place Market Square. As usual, all proceeds will go to support women and children in Child Haven homes in India, Nepal, Tibet and Bangladesh.

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The collaborative minds of Creative-IDEAS, Ghostlight Productions and Ecotay are bringing you a fun new way to combine the things they love most: delicious food, live entertainment, and support for those in need in our community.

On Friday, September 9, people are invited to “crash” the wedding reception of Bruno and Tilly Oliviera located in a beautifully restored heritage setting at Ecotay. This one-night-only event is in fact the premiere of Guy Newsham’s latest comedy, Reception.

The evenin......


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By David Hinks

Good things are going on at the Community Garden on Townline Road in Carleton Place. This quarter-acre space boasts over 70 garden plots, has enthusiastic gardeners and volunteers, and is strongly supported by the Lanark County Food Bank, St. Gregory School and the Town of Carleton Place.

The garden is a tremendous resource for community groups. Teachers at the nearby St. Gregory School bring their students to the gardens to study insects, vegetables and other plants. The school also grows vegetables an......


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Okay, I knew I was going to do that. Alan had gone to wait in the car and I was on my own, a dangerous time. I’d just pop in and say hello, look at the sale items. What could possibly happen? I don’t need new clothes, but I do love Mill Street. One quick in and out, “Hi, good to see you” and I’d be gone. NOT!

The new fall colours were exploding out of the boxes, and a quick try-on would give Janet a chance to see the fit of the garment, “just as a trial”, she promised me. Perfect sales pitch......


Local Success Stories - theHumm September 2022

By Chandler Swain

It’s almost hard to imagine there is a deadly critical climate crisis out in the world. Here in Lanark County we have been blessed with a really good old-fashioned summer. Even our heat wave was just, well, “summer”. Yay for the cool lakes and rivers and forests of Lanark County!

It sure is tempting to just stop listening to the bad news about the rest of the world.

Telling our political and business leaders how bad things are and how much worse they will get doesn’t seem to have worked. The......


Working Together to End Violence - theHumm September 2022

Lanark County Interval House and Community Support (LCIHCS) offers emergency and ongoing programs to women and children living in or escaping from domestic violence. Founded in 1979 by a number of brave and determined feminists who saw the need for a safe place for women experiencing violence at home and in their relationships, the organization continues to provide care and support for women in our communities. They have two important events coming up in September:



MMPL Book Sale - theHumm September 2022

The Friends of the Mississippi Mills Library are holding their annual book sale in Almonte from October 21–23, during Library Week. The proceeds of this sale will go to the Mississippi Mills Public Library to help expand the collection of large print books. The demand for these books is escalating and they are much more expensive to purchase than other books. Let’s see if we can make the sale a huge success! The dates and times for the book sale are October 21 from 12–8pm, October 22 from 10am to 5pm, and October 23 from 12–5pm.

Please Donate Books!


AGH Run/Walk for Women’s Health
A Celebration of Almonte’s Birthing Unit
- theHumm September 2022

Presented by Canadian Tire (Carleton Place), the ninth annual AGH Run/Walk for Women’s Health will be held virtually from September 3–9, and in person on September 10. Individuals, teams and families are all coming out to support quality health care close to home.

“Each year we strive to increase participation and fundraising,” says Julie Munro, volunteer chair of the event committee. “Our goal is helping our Obstetrics Unit and supporting Women’s Health by putting the best medical tools in the hands of our incredible doctors and staff. The financial success of this event means repla......


Union Hall’s Blueberry Tea - theHumm September 2022

Summer is here, and after 3 years under Covid it’s time for the folks at Union Hall to open the doors to continue tradition with the annual Blueberry Tea, now taking place on Sunday, September 11.

Everyone is invited to join neighbours and friends for blueberries with fine pastry and tea or Equator coffee in this old-fashioned celebration of summer. Doors are open from 1–4pm. Admission is free, and donations are greatly appreciated.

Union Hall has been a focal point for social gatherings for over 150 years, from church services to the temperance movement, and for institutions as d......


Join in the Fun at MERA! - theHumm September 2022

This autumn, MERA (McDonalds Corners and Elphin Recreation and Arts) will have the Schoolhouse bustling with activities for people of all ages. Join us at 974 Dalhousie Concession 9A in McDonalds Corners to bring more arts into your life!

First off, you are invited to the Fall Open House at the Schoolhouse on Sunday, September 25 from 12–3pm. Come and learn about all the activities MERA has to offer and how to join in! The Open House will be a great opportunity to discover what programs happen regularly, and to meet members of the MERA community. Through displays, demonstrations,......


Zoom and Learn!
Almonte Lectures Returns with Fall Offerings
- theHumm September 2022

By — Glenda Jones

The monthly Friday night lectures series, Almonte Lectures, is launching its new season with an eclectic mix of lectures for the next three months. Following a successful reception to Zoom — yup, glass of wine, jammies, and no driving — the Lectures will continue on Zoom for September, October and November, in the traditional 7:30pm time slot on the last Friday of the month.

On September 30, Jan Johns, the President of the Orchid Society of Ottawa, will dispel the myth that orchids are hard to grow. Jan is the proud owner of over 100 orchids in her home and garden. A scientist, teache......


Chris St Clair’s Art at Studio Theatre
- theHumm September 2022

A well known Canadian broadcaster on The Weather Network and the author of two books on Canada’s weather, Chris St Clair began painting in 2019. “I paint from memories of places I have been, wher......