We Did It! - theHumm July 2024

We Did It! - theHumm July 2024

By Glenda Jones

We did it — we made it to 60 years of married life, and to our surprise we realized that half of it has been spent right here on Carroll Side Road. Does this qualify us as locals now? Are we still living on the McCabe property? Can we claim it as our own now?

In 1964, we thought it was a grand joke to be getting married on Independence Day, July 4. All our friends were already married, embarked on parenthood and careers and buying homes while we’d been toiling away on education. But we could only keep the love light burning over long distance for so long, and when Alan got a good job in Victoria we knew the time was right. We loaded up Alan’s little Chevy II and headed for Victoria, leaving our parents standing in the driveway waving us off, probably thinking, “Lord love a duck! Do these two know what they’re doing”?

And no, we didn’t. Who does when they’re barely 21 and 23, and are trying to look like real adults? We learned, and mighty fast too. We found an apartment, learned to cook, learned to budget (still not too good at that one) went to classes, took courses, worked a new job, and still found time to enjoy walks on the beach and very cheap fish and chip dinners.

We should have a sit-down with that innocent couple of long ago. Here’s what I’d say:

When the time is right, get married. Don’t wait until you have every detail of your future laid out. It’s way more exciting to dive in together and swim the entire length of the pool as one. Don’t wait until you’re too old to have your children. They won’t care if they live in a mansion, if their parents drive a top-of-the-line SUV. Kids need love way more than things. Also, you’ll be young enough to catch them when they start to fall or run amok. Just remember you’re in charge, so don’t try to be their friend, be their parents.

Be frugal but not stingy with yourselves. Enjoy a treat, even if it’s only an ice cream cone. An A&W lunch in the car together might be better than a luxurious café. Take that fancy vacation, but only because you really want it, not because you see others doing it.

Never compare your situation to someone else’s. Wealth doesn’t mean happiness. Be content that you are doing the best you can. “Bloom where you’re planted,” as the garden sign says. Don’t be swayed by appearances when others flaunt their lifestyles.

Make the most of your considerable talents by giving to others, but not at the expense of your own family. Find opportunities to expand your own knowledge in volunteer activities, even better if they involve your kids’ activities too. We threw ourselves into the kids’ sports, and were fortunate to attend the 1988 Olympics!

Be kind to yourself so that you can be kind to your family. Look after your health, take time daily to just be YOU. And make sure your family knows you’re doing this. I read the newspaper every morning still, and even when the kids were little they knew not to bother me for that hour.

Learn to compromise. A compromise might lead to a whole new experience. Treasure the triumphs, share the sorrows, learn from your mistakes, and above all, learn to listen. Listen to each other, and to your children. We have one mouth and two ears for a reason. Say less, hear more. Sometimes it’s not the words; it’s the little gestures that tell you everything. A hug says so much. Just do it, and often.

Respect that your elders have been down this road before you, and can give you good advice. Learn from them, and seek help if you can’t cope. They want you to be happy and successful.

Keep your friends, both women and men. They will be there for you when your parents aren’t. We all need our own circle of support, and friends become like family.

There are certain phrases you should practice saying: “I’m sorry”, “thank you”, “you’re right”, “I appreciate you,” “let’s talk”, and of course “I love you”. These are precious and need to be said with conviction and honesty. Be present for each other, no matter what happens. You made a promise to stick together, and promises aren’t options, they’re responsibilities for all time.

Getting to 60 years has been a journey we could never have anticipated as we drove down the driveway in 1964. We thought we knew enough then, but by golly, we were beyond naïve! We look back on our wedding vows — “in good times and bad” — and are grateful to have had way more of the former than the latter, but we are certain sure that we have memories stored to fill a library. It’s one day at a time, the present is all we have, and we cherish it.

To Alan, to our three wonderful kids, Steve, David, and Alison, our in-laws, our extended family and oh so treasured friends, and even our beautiful dogs, thank you for making these 60 years a joyful and exciting excursion.


Hookking Up with Teri Bell and Chris Wynnyk! - theHumm July 2024

By Sally Hansen

Art… and Soul

These two Valley sisters have hook(k)ed up in a deliciously creative undertaking titled Hookk Creative Crochet. For the past three years these two fabric artists have played and experimented and thoroughly enjoyed themselves developing a line of crocheted jewellery. Suspend any initial reservations, and take a serious look at their eye-catching results.

Matched with the right outfit, their colourful, organic, wildly original pieces can spice up your wardrobe and your life. Each croche......


Celebrate Summerat Almonte Celtfest! - theHumm July 2024

Mark your calendars, make your plans and tell your friends — Almonte Celtfest is back in Gemmill Park with a fantastic lineup of family-friendly entertainment from July 5–7.There are few things sweeter than getting together as a community to enjoy music outdoors, and Almonte Celtfest promises that and so much more. This gem of a festival is organized entirely by volunteers who work on it throughout the year. Thanks to the generosity of community sponsors, entrance to Saturday and Sunday’s progr......


Stewart Park Festival 2024
A Celebration of Music and Community
- theHumm July 2024

Get ready for a musical experience like no other! Perth’s Stewart Park Festival is thrilled to announce a spectacular three-day event, welcoming everyone to join in the celebration of music, community and generosity. Mark your calendars for July 19–21 and prepare for an unforgettable time filled with incredible performances and vibrant festivities.

Taking place in Stewart Park and the Crystal Palace, this unique festival offers a diverse lineup of artists and bands from var......


Madawaska Valley Studio Tour - theHumm July 2024

Spend some time off the beaten path and immerse yourself in art on the Madawaska Valley Studio Tour, which offers two opportunities to visit artists in their studios and see artmaking first-hand. Take a drive through historic routes and explore the Madawaska highlands and valleys during the summer tour on July 20 and 21, or at the fall tour on October 5 and 6. Studios will be open 10am to 5pm on both weekends.

The tour offers the perfect opportunity to explore the pictu......


Using Art in Your Garden - theHumm July 2024

By Suzanne Patry

To design a beautiful garden, it is important to consider the sizes, shapes, textures and colours of plant material and hardscape, as well as the background the garden is set against. In choosing art for your garden, all the same factors come into play. A well-chosen piece of art can be a wonderful addition to a garden. It can be both functional and beautiful. Consider the colourful birdhouses produced by My Recycled Dreams, Portshell Crafts or Peace of Mind Creations. Bir......


Mysteries of the Keyhole House - theHumm July 2024

Grand illusionists and Hollywood’s Magic Castle headliners Ted & Marion Outerbridge are set to cast their spell this month at the Carleton Place Town Hall with their new magic show Mysteries of the Keyhole House, perfect for the entire family (ages 8-108)!

The Keyhole House is an enchanting santuary in the Ottawa Valley, inhabited by Canada’s very own Ted and Marion Outerbridge. Beckoned by the spirits of yesteryear, these connoisseurs of all things magical were ch......


Miss Pringle’s Mini-Skirt - theHumm July 2024

By Kris Riendeau

Stone Fence Theatre is a true local gem in the Ottawa Valley. This semi-professional non-profit company has been developing and producing their own original material since 2003, including musical reviews like The Train She Blew from Killaloe, and a romantic musical comedy called Stick Out Your Tongue and Say MOO. In 2023 they toured the Valley with Tom Thomson and the Colours of Canada — a production that raised about $10,000 for local hospitals. Their most recent production was Cons......


Summer Readin’… Havin’ a Blast! - theHumm July 2024

By John Pigeau

“I don’t change what I read when I go to the beach or on a vacation,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist Michael Chabon once said. “I just read more.”

I do the same, Mr. Chabon.

Some people enjoy tanning on the beach, or swimming, or playing volleyball and so on — of course they do — but you’ll find me under the shade of the nearest leafy tree reading, perhaps, a battered old copy of Peter Benchley’s Jaws, which truly is the perfect beach read.

Now that it’s summer at last, lot......


Save the Datefor Country Music! - theHumm July 2024

The Board of Directors of the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame is very pleased to announce the Inductees to be honoured in 2024: The Debenham Brothers, Rae Palmer, Eddie Francis, and Jennifer Johnston-Armstrong.

The 2024 Induction Ceremony will take place at its new time on Sunday, September 29 at 3pm at Meridian Theatres @ Centrepointe. Throughout the afternoon you’ll be entertained by over twenty of the best artists and musicians our Ottawa Valley has to offer, performing many of you......


5 Wednesdays in July - theHumm July 2024

By Violet Bova

Friends of Augusta Street Park community volunteers have come together to organize a great lineup for this year’s 5 Wednesdays in July concert series. There actually are 5 Wednesdays in July this year, so mark July 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 in your calendar, and see our ad in this month’s issue for the full lineup. Plans are also afoot for the third annual Augustafest live music festival, to be held on September 14.

5 Wednesdays in July and Augustafest are free, family-friendly ......


Merrickville Festival of the Arts - theHumm July 2024

Come on out to Blockhouse Park in beautiful heritage Merrickville on the weekend of July 27 and 28, and immerse yourself in a marvelous mix of arts! The 4th annual Festival of the Arts is organized by the Merrickville Organization for Culture & the Arts, in collaboration with the Merrickville Arts Guild (MAG) and Theatre Night in Merrickville (TNIM).


Each day features a full lineup of wonderful music featuring local and nearby performers. There will also ......


A New Lenson South Crosby - theHumm July 2024

A New Lens on South Crosby is an exciting summer exhibition being presented by the Elgin and Area Heritage Society at the Red Brick School in Elgin, Ontario. Sourced from some 1,300 archived pictures taken by early 20th century photographer Clifford Pennock, this selection of more than 100 photographs will draw you into the life and times of early South Crosby Township.

Marvel at how Clifford Pennock viewed the people, places and surroundings of the early 1900s through his camera lens. With the click of his shutter, he created not only a picture but a testament in time. His selection ......


The Balancing Actof Summer Festivals - theHumm July 2024

By — Jane Torrance is the Chair of the Puppets Up!International Puppet Festival

Ah, summer. The season of swimming and BBQs, late nights on patios, hanging out with friends, cottages and camping and exploring new places, festivals and events that showcase the joy and creativity of towns and villages across our region.

Here at Puppets Up! we have prepared an exciting and magical line up of entertainment that will delight and amaze our audiences! Are you ready for 14 puppet troupes from across Canada and the USA to perform in six theatres spread out in beautiful downtown Alm......


Explore Exciting New Flavours!
Almonte Craft Beer Fest Set for July 26
- theHumm July 2024

Sip some of region’s best brews and winning wines at the Almonte Craft Beer Fest, taking place on Friday, July 26.

Coordinated by the Municipality of Mississippi Mills, the event takes over the grounds of Almonte Old Town Hall (14 Bridge St.) from 6:30–10:30pm. Come for an amazing evening featuring nine local breweries and wineries, live entertainment, and some tasty treats from food vendors.

Participating breweries and wineries include Vodkow, Cartwright Springs Brewery, Farmgate Cider, C......


Rowland Leather Celebrates 50 Years - theHumm July 2024

Celebrating 50 years in business is a remarkable milestone for Rowland Leather, a creative studio founded by Michael Rowland in Merrickville, Ontario. Over the years, Rowland has established a reputation for crafting elegant and durable leather goods, garnering a loyal following both locally in Canada and internationally. Below are some key highlights from Rowland’s journey.

Artisanal Legacy

A self-taught artisan who delved into leatherwork from a young age, Rowland ha......


Garden Nightmares - theHumm July 2024

By David Hinks

What is your worst garden nightmare? Goutweed invading your prize perennials? Bindweed popping up all over your lawn and vegetable patch? Poison ivy creeping into your yard under the fence from your neighbour?

Our relationship with plants is a complicated one. On the one hand we want plants that will thrive; on the other hand we want plants that will be well behaved. We are deceived into thinking that our new perennial border will be maintenance-free. However, any garden requires a lot of work — ......


Textiles and theStories They Tell
An Evening of Multicultural Clothing and Dance
- theHumm July 2024

Textiles are threads that weave together the stories of our past, our community, and our culture. These stories help us understand each other. The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum (MVTM) and The Inclusion Project are hosting an evening of multicultural clothing and dance to explore these connections. From Asia to Turtle Island, see the beautiful cultural clothing of our models, hear their stories, and learn their culture. Taking place on Sunday, July 14 from 6–8pm at the M......


Woven by Hand
Contemporary Canadian Tapestries at MVTM
- theHumm July 2024

Join the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum (MVTM) on Saturday, July 20 at 1pm for the opening of Woven by Hand: Contemporary Canadian Tapestries! This new exhibit presents recent works designed and woven by a collective of outstanding Canadian tapestry artists, reflecting their experiences and the comfort/discomfort of the Covid lockdowns. Each tapestry is an individual response to the world at a time of unprecedented challenges and social upheaval.

Recognized interna......


We Did It! - theHumm July 2024

By Glenda Jones

We did it — we made it to 60 years of married life, and to our surprise we realized that half of it has been spent right here on Carroll Side Road. Does this qualify us as locals now? Are we still living on the McCabe property? Can we claim it as our own now?

In 1964, we thought it was a grand joke to be getting married on Independence Day, July 4. All our friends were already married, embarked on parenthood and careers and buying homes while we’d been toiling away on education. But we could only......


Creative Expressions
Virginia Ross Jewellery and Watercolours
- theHumm July 2024

The Almonte Library Corridor Gallery invites you to an exhibition featuring new works from Almonte artist Virginia Ross, which runs until Friday, August 9.

Virginia draws from her international experiences as a child and her educational background to infuse her pieces with an organic flavour and a tasteful play of colours. The daughter of a diplomat, she grew up in Latin America and has also spent time in the United States and Europe. She is the daughter and granddaughter of visual artists, and her......


River City Junction Comes to The Cove - theHumm July 2024

By Seamus Cowan

For almost 30 years, River City Junction has been playing big festivals like RBC Ottawa Bluesfest, Montreal’s FestiBlues, and many of the clubs in Eastern Ontario and Quebec. They have had the honour of performing with artists like Jerry Mercer, Harpdog Brown, Jerome Godboo, Eric Shenkman, Steve Marriner, and Matt Sobb. They played The Cove for the first time this past February, and will be bringing their funky soulful sound back on Saturday, July 27. I caught up with lead singer......


Light, Earth & Memory at Sivarulrasa Gallery   - theHumm July 2024

Sivarulrasa Gallery will present three new exhibitions starting on July 26. Carol Bajen-Gahm: Littoral Light, featuring a series of 12 new paintings, will run in Gallery I. Carol lives on the East coast of Newfoundland, working from her studio on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Gizem Candan’s thought-provoking installation worms as earth, earth as ochre will run in Gallery II. In this installation, the artist explores the kinship between species, including psycholo......


Dreams Do Come True
Accessible and Barrier Free Playground
- theHumm July 2024

The Almonte Civitan Club is about to see a twenty-?ve-year-old dream come true! A fully accessible and barrier free playground for all has been designed for persons of all ages, regardless of their physical abilities or cognitive challenges. The playground will include a walking track and impact-absorbing rubberized play surface designed with safety in mind. All of this in a quiet outdoor setting.

The project is set for completion in 2026. The club commitment of $200,000 toward this......


New Arts Carleton Place “Art Hub”
Gallery, Meeting Space & Studio!
- theHumm July 2024

By Kris Riendeau

Arts Carleton Place (ACP), a dynamic organization that has been active since the fall of 2005, is continuing their mission to recognize, celebrate, and promote the unique artistic activity in the vicinity. With an eye to “empowering artists and area residents through the arts,” this group has been busy hosting art shows, donating to area student bursary programs, and facilitating the process of getting art into public spaces. This month they will be launching a new Art Hub, which will consist of ......


Bridge Street Summerfest - theHumm July 2024

On Saturday, July 27, the highly anticipated Bridge Street Summerfest will return to Downtown Carleton Place. Bridge Street will be transformed as it becomes a bustling hub of entertainment and vendors, stretching from Mill Street to Lake Avenue. Prepare to be amazed by the diverse range of artisans, makers, crafters, vintage and thrift resellers, pop-ups, and remarkable local businesses that will fill Bridge Street with an array of remarkable discoveries.

The goal of Summerfest is......


The Return of the Rideau Artist of the Year - theHumm July 2024

Rideau Artist of the Year (RAY) is a celebration of local artists competing and creating live outdoors along the historic Rideau Canal waterway. This unique event will be returning for its third year in early September.

The 2023 competition was won by Rachel Houlton. A professional artist for over 23 years, Rachel captured the attention of jurors and the public with her showpiece entitled Joyce’s Hydrangeas. The Youth Artist prize for 2023 was won by artisti......


The Wanted to Play Chaffey’s Lock Hall - theHumm July 2024

The Chaffey’s Lock and Area Heritage Society (CLAHS) is gearing up for the second concert in their 2024 Music Events Headliner Season at the historic Chaffey’s Lock Community Hall. On July 27, Toronto’s The Wanted will bring their distinct sound, described as folk and alt-country with a cool Canadian edge. This is full-throated, full-throttle entertainment, imbued with a spirit that is darkly haunting, incisively witty, or just plain fun.

Then on August 24, Emilie Steele &......


Astronomical Observatory Exhibit at the Mill of Kintail - theHumm July 2024

By Rick Scholes

A special exhibit featuring the Fred Lossing Observatory (FLO) is now open at the Mill of Kintail Museum near Almonte. FLO has been called “A Hidden Gem in Mississippi Mills,” an apt description since many people who’ve lived in the area for years remain unaware of its existence. This could have a lot to do with astronomers working mostly at night, in the dark. It is also because FLO is a membership-based astronomical observatory operated by the Ottawa chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC). The observatory is hidden (er, I mean, located) elsewhere on the grounds of th......


So Many EV Myths to Bust - theHumm July 2024

By Sue Brandum

I have had an Electric Vehicle — or EV — for two-and-a-half years now. I love it. And frankly, I get very tired of seeing the various posts on social media meant to discredit EVs.

So it was with particular pleasure that Climate Network Lanark (CNL) invited the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa (EVCO) to come to Almonte on June 8, bringing a group of volunteers and cars to offer test drives (nine people took advantage, with others doing ride alongs), but particularly to give a presentation on ......