Articles list - theHumm November 2016

Wendy Southin — Altering the Definition of Jewellery - theHumm November 2016

By Sally Hansen

Art… and Soul

The human penchant for jewellery/jewellery (either is correct spelling in Canada) literally knows no beginning and it certainly isn’t coming to an end. A quote from ...more

The Mudds Present Mary Poppins (& Bert Too!) - theHumm November 2016

They’re baaaack! Last seen as adversaries in the comical courtroom musical The People vs Mona — as well as the dysfunctional King and Queen in Once Upon a Mattress; rekindling childhood romance o......


I’ve Got 60,003 Reasons… - theHumm November 2016

By Rob Riendeau

After attending a recent Blues on the Rideau show at The Cove in Westport, I started counting the reasons why this series is so successful (and why you should include it in your pub crawling plan......


Arts, Crafts, Tours Your Guide to the Area’s Arty Gifts! - theHumm November 2016

By Miss Cellaneous

Finders Keepers Returns To CP

The Finders Keepers Craft Show, Carleton Place’s one-of-a-kind-find trunk show, is coming back to the Canoe Club for its fourth annual sh......


A Christmas House TourLike No Other - theHumm November 2016

For the fifth consecutive year, Carleton Place will be showcasing its popular Christmas House Tour and, as usual, all of the proceeds will be going to the Carleton Place&......


Are Teens Still Reading? - theHumm November 2016

By Karen Schecter, Librarian

It is a common sight to see a group of teenagers huddled together at a coffee shop with their eyes fastened on their smartphones. As a librarian, I often wonder what is capturing their attention......


Forgotten Local Heroes of World War One - theHumm November 2016

The North Lanark Historical Society will be hosting a book launch and presentation by Brian Tackaberry at the North Lanark Regional Museum in Appleton on Sunday, November 13, starting at 2pm......


Guatemala Stove Project Heats up the Night - theHumm November 2016

Come on out and dance for a great cause! On Friday, November 18, the Guatemala Stove Project (GSP) is hosting a fundraising dance featuring talented local music scene stalwarts Under the Cov......


Martin & Martin:Music & Art in Almonte - theHumm November 2016

By — Fern Martin is Jack Martin’s nieceinlaw and Selina Martin’s mom

Allow me to present two artists. One is a moose-hunting, beer-brewing, 85-year-old artist from Wakefield who paints large, dramatic landscapes and is my favourite uncle. The other is my favourite......


A Mixed Bagof Films for Fall - theHumm November 2016

By Matt Roche

This fall, I finally found the time to watch Oliver Stone’s latest, Snowden, about the trials and tribulations of Edward Snowden. Snowden is the man who leaked NSA security information, providing......


Get in the Spirit with a Christmas House Tour - theHumm November 2016

Step back in time and prepare to be surprised! In tribute to the 200th anniversary of the Perth Military Settlement, the Perth & District Chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Wome......


When is Pizza More than Just Pizza? - theHumm November 2016

By Sebastian Weetabix

The selection of establishments and topics for this column is somewhat random and often prompted by informants. In general, Weetabix knows what to expect of an establishment and is happy to explo......


Claudia Smith Gives Us a Glimpse at Winters Past - theHumm November 2016

Sleigh bells are in the air in the latest book by local historian Claudia Smith. By Word of Mouth — Snowdrifts and Sleigh Bells captures the challenges of long ago winters in rural Lanark County ......


Ladies’ Night Out in Carleton Place - theHumm November 2016

The merchants and restaurants of downtown Carleton Place are extending a special invitation to ladies throughout the area to attend their special Ladies Night Out Open House from 1 to 8pm on Thur......


The Challenges of Fall Birding - theHumm November 2016

By Bob Volks

Let’s face it; fall birding can be a challenge. Everything around us is changing: our summer flowers and plants are beginning to prepare for colder weather and the leaves are changing to their be......


At Home in Tay Valley - theHumm November 2016

Since the book launch for At Home in Tay Valley last September, Tay Valley Township residents have been telling the Township’s Reeve, Keith Kerr, that they hadn’t realized history could be so int......


November? No Problem! - theHumm November 2016

By Miss Mills, Puppet Reporter

All right Valley folk and visitors, I’m here to tell you that there’s no reason to hibernate in November. Looking for fun outings to brighten the darkening days? Want to get a jump-start on holi......


The Mahogany Story - theHumm November 2016

By Kris Riendeau

How do you come to own a very successful spa, with two locations and over a hundred staff? If you’re Catherine Wood, you start out milking cows on your family farm outside of Carleton Place, rai......


High Times at theHeart Institute
Musical Comedy Raises Funds for AGH
- theHumm November 2016

In partnership with the Almonte General Hospital, Stone Fence Theatre is bringing its new fundraising musical comedy, High Times at the Heart Institute, to the Almonte Old Town Hall auditorium on......


Ennis Sisters Set to Return to Perth - theHumm November 2016

Following their highly successful appearance at this year’s Stewart Park Festival, Newfoundland’s Ennis Sisters are set to bring their traditional musical stylings back to Perth just in time for ......


Music, Markets and Merriment - theHumm November 2016

By John Pigeau

The year was 1978. I was nine and half-dressed in goalie equipment. It was early morning, still dark, the roads a glare of ice. Mom braked after turning right at a stop sign and our toad-green Pl......


A Full Circle Season for Almonte’s Folkus Series - theHumm November 2016

By — Sandy Irvin is the Artistic Director of the Folkus Concert Series

Some years, we get lucky. (And the harder we work, the luckier we get). I can’t wait to tell you how lucky we are this year. We have a superb lineup, including soulful vocals, local troublemakers......


Get your Gifts in the Nick of Time! - theHumm November 2016

The holiday season is just around the corner, and so is the 23rd edition of the Nick of Time Artisan Show! Come visit the artisans on Saturday, December 3 from 10am to 4pm in Perth’s histori......


Almonte in Concert’s New Youthful Music Club - theHumm November 2016

Almonte in Concert’s Youthful Music Club has recently evolved from a children’s-only performance club to a concert club for musicians of all ages who enjoy sharing their talents in a friendly atm......


Good Things Are Brewing in Almonte - theHumm November 2016

By — Rob Riendeau

You know that feeling when you finally find a puzzle piece that you were looking for and you get to slot it into place? That’s kind of the feeling I had as I tasted my first flight of samples of ......


Small Acts of Heroism - theHumm November 2016

By Tony Stuart

Whenever November rolls around each year, we take time to remember acts of selflessness and heroism. Some of these acts obviously involved military conflict, as we remember those who fought, and......


The Last of the Good Years - theHumm November 2016

The Last of the Good Years, Lyle Dillabough’s examination of “life, barrooms and small towns in Canada during the 1960s and '70s,” will be presented at The Station Theatre in Smiths Falls on......


A Duo of Delightfully Dramatic Comedies - theHumm November 2016

By — C.Lee Bates

Who can resist a guaranteed formula for enjoyment? Consider the following equation: eleven of the finest actors in Eastern Ontario (well, certainly in Lanark County!) + two highly regarded artist......


The Music of the Christmas Season - theHumm November 2016

From Darkness into Light

At this time of the year we often get up in complete darkness. If we look carefully, we will see the first light — perhaps a pale patch of pin......


The Valley Represents at 260 Fingers - theHumm November 2016

If BBC’s reality TV show The Great Pottery Throwdown, high-profile art competitions like RBC’s Emerging Artist Peoples Choice Awards, and numerous prestigious international ceramics competitions ......


At Home in Nature - theHumm November 2016

By Georgia Ferrell

“As the late-in-life daughter of two committed, Group of Seven-trained artists, I grew up surrounded by ever-changing paintings and a strong sense of the need to communicate my vision to others.......


Indie Women Strike Again - theHumm November 2016

By — C.Lee Bates

“Sex is a three-letter word even the worst speller in the world can spell.”

Now that we have your attention with this quote from erotic writer Chloe Thurlow, let us hasten to assure you that......


“Read the Fine Print” - theHumm November 2016

By Glenda Jones

Come on, Nellie girl. Either I’m getting shorter, or you’re an even higher horse now than a couple of years ago. We’re going to start out slowly so we can enjoy the last days of Ind… no, no, las......


Fall Happenings at Heritage House Museum - theHumm November 2016

On Sunday, November 27, join Heritage House Museum in welcoming back Parks Canada’s Senior Underwater Archaeologist, Jonathan Moore, for his talk entitled “Lost Beneath the Ice: The Search a......


Procrastination and the Art of Kai-Zen - theHumm November 2016

By — Trevour Strudwick is the owner/operator of The INSIGHT Studio at 163A Bridge Street, in Carleton Place. <>

Upon hearing the word “procrastination”, people generally give one of two responses. They either giggle and start making jokes, or they admit that procrastination is a real problem. Of course the......