Articles list - theHumm July 2019

The Ladies’ Foursome
Teeing Up for July 4th Opening at Studio Theatre
- theHumm July 2019

By — Paul Joyce

It’s that time of year again, when the rattle of expensive metal is heard coming from car trunks and when spouses disappear for hours at a time, reappearing with sunburns, bug bites, and either smiles, scowls, or looks of quiet resignation.

Yes, it’s golf season.

For the final show of its 2018/19 series of plays, Studio Theatre Perth presents The Ladies’ Foursome, a Norm Foster comedy that will make you love the game, even if you, well, currently hate your game.



Stewart Park Festival 2019
Amazing Line-Up and So Much More!
- theHumm July 2019

From folk-rock powerhouses to a third-generation country star, the 2019 Stewart Park Festival line-up is set to be an unforgettable one.

The Small Glories and Kelly Prescott are just some of the names performing at the 28th annual festival taking place in Perth from July 19–21. Festival goers will also get to see Connie Kaldor, Élage Diouf, Shakura S’Aida, Keith Glass and Andy Irvine on stage.

After months of crafting the line-up, Artistic Director James Keelaghan says he’s th......


A House of Good Taste - theHumm July 2019

By Sebastian Weetabix

Like many things related to food (or at least food in our part of the world), the term “restaurant” originated in France. It originally applied to the fare (it was “restorative”), but by the 17th century it had come to mean an establishment where one could eat a meal and pay for it. Eating “out” as a common practice for common folk has its roots in travel and the need for refreshment en route. Those who provided it were, rightly, termed restorers or restaurateurs. Their establishments came......


The Arresting Art of Fred Fowler - theHumm July 2019

By Sally Hansen

Art… and Soul

It’s invigorating to meet someone who challenges your subconscious prejudices. I was surprised to learn that Fred Fowler, outgoing President of the Rideau Lakes Artists’ Association, is a retired Toronto cop. There’s absolutely no reason an ex-cop can’t be a good artist, yet meeting him and seeing his eclectic art definitely expanded my awareness of the influence the mass media has on our preconceptions.

Acrylics, watercolours, oils, monotypes, photographs — Fowler wor......


Almonte House & Garden Tour
Fundraiser for the MVTMand Riverwalk Extension
- theHumm July 2019

Who doesn’t enjoy looking at other people’s homes and gardens? What better way to spend a summer day and get inspired!

On Saturday, July 27 from 10am to 5pm you’ll be able to tour seven of Almonte’s most interesting homes and three outstanding gardens. The tour is a fundraiser for the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum and the extension of Almonte’s popular Riverwalk.

In the 1890s Almonte was a thriving mill town. Its six textile mills employed most of the town’s residents, with the ......


The Little Drama Club that Did
ADHS Scores Big at the Cappies Again
- theHumm July 2019

By — Pippa Norman is graduating from ADHS this year and will be going on to pursue a Bachelor of Journalism at Carleton University next fall

Whoever coined the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” must have done so after attending a rehearsal for one of Almonte & District High School Drama Club’s plays. The village being Almonte, and the child being the play.

If you were to attend one of the rehearsals yourself, you would feel as if madness had descended upon you. Student actors fervidly run lines; community volunteers sew seams, drill screws and climb ladders; and director Jennifer Sheffield barrels around the room......


Determination and Resilience - theHumm July 2019

By Jill McCubbin

For the last few months, library news has focussed on the Ford government’s cuts to the Ontario Library Services Budget — and the dismantling of the inter-library loan (ILL) system. The “new norm......


Midsummer HerbFest
At the Waba Cottage Museum & Gardens
- theHumm July 2019

This year’s Ottawa Valley Midsummer HerbFest is being held on Sunday, July 28 from 9am to 4pm — rain or shine. The location is the Waba Cottage Museum & Gardens in White Lake, just an ho......


Celtfest is Coming!
- theHumm July 2019

By — Susan Ryan

While we are not entirely sure where spring went, I think we can all agree that Summer 2019 has officially arrived. For many, this marks the beginning of a wonderful time of year with long-awaite......


Pride of Place
Carleton Place Pride Festival
- theHumm July 2019

Carleton Place resident and Pride organizer Byron Wilson is happy to announce that the town will be celebrating their second annual Pride Festival on Saturday, July 20 from 11am to 4pm at......


Stellar Summer Art Events - theHumm July 2019

By Miss Cellaneous

The Four Brushes’ Début

Looking for some new local talent in the art world? Why not come out and meet Dawn Fortin, Barbara Jordan, Linda Svarckopf and Christine Martin......


Festival of Small Halls 2019
Celebrating Big Canadian Music in Beloved Small Places
- theHumm July 2019

More halls — check. Big music — check. Magical moments and musical memories — you betcha.

The Ontario Festival of Small Halls plants inspired, decorated and mind-blowing artists into rural h......


A Country Studio Visit - theHumm July 2019

By — Susan Berlin

We will have summer by July, and summer means — among other things — studio visits. We’d love to have you come to see us on Saturday, July 20 from 10am to 4pm at the Fibre Work Studio, locat......


Coping with Stage Fright and Nervousness - theHumm July 2019

By Tony Stuart

There are incredible benefits that come with being a musician. However, this job has its side effects as well. According to studies, about twenty-five percent of the general population deals with......


Summer Entrepreneur Brings STEM to Local Kids - theHumm July 2019

Beckwith Ontario is known for its rural warmth and close agricultural community, but did you know it is also a hub of STEM activity (science, technology, engineering and math)? Gabe Braden, a rec......


Perth Paints the Summer Spectacular! - theHumm July 2019

By John Pigeau

Perth is such a lovely town in the summer. Especially in the summer. There are so many fun and interesting things to do: cycling the old streets, paddling about in the restful Tay Basin, str......


Rosa Rugosa (Or, Pink Promise Peeking Through a Sepal Case) - theHumm July 2019

By Susie Osler

There is a frantic energy to this time of year. The explosion of growth and green coupled with the energy and warmth of sunshine leads to a commensurate output of manic gardening energy that seem......


The Great Carleton Place Amazing Race - theHumm July 2019

Come on out on Sunday, July 28 from 11am to 4pm and spend the day exploring downtown Carleton Place! Taking place at Market Square and all around the town, The Great Carleton Place Amazing R......


Sunshine, Neighbours, and All that Jazz… - theHumm July 2019

By — Angie Arendt is the Director of Big Stone House: a Center for Courageous Living in Almonte <>

It was the middle of August and the middle of the day. The sun was shining bright, the dog was attempting to cool down on the tile floor, and I was chopping watermelon in the kitchen when the doo......


Fall Prevention Course Failure… - theHumm July 2019

By Glenda Jones

We’re devotees of the Strength and Balance course offered by the Mills Community Support. (Note: if you are as old as the land line phone, you need to check out these courses. More on this in Aug......


Oh Canada Eh?
Ottawa Dinner Show Features Valley Musicians
- theHumm July 2019

An interactive theatre experience that celebrates the Great White North and pokes fun at Canadian stereotypes will hit the stage in the nation’s capital for the summer.

The Oh Canada Eh? Din......


Culture Camp Breakfast Fundraiser - theHumm July 2019

The best breakfast fundraiser returns to Perth on July 6! Ardoch Algonquin First Nation and the Lanark County Neighbours for Truth and Reconciliation are holding a fundraising breakfast in s......


From Under the Umbrella Tree to Sleeping Rough…
Valley Puppeteers Return to Music and Beyond
- theHumm July 2019

Last July, the opera Sleeping Rough premiered at Ottawa’s Music and Beyond festival to standing ovations and critical acclaim. Composed by jazz guitarist Roddy Ellias and with a libretto by poet/......


Magical Saturdays in Smiths Falls - theHumm July 2019

The Station Theatre is bringing the world-class magic show OUTERBRIDGE – Clockwork Mysteries to Smiths Falls on Saturday evenings throughout the summer. Critics across the globe have hailed Ted a......


5 Wednesdays in July
The Little Music Festival that Could!
- theHumm July 2019

By — Jeff Mills

Every now and then there are five actual Wednesdays in July, and 2019 is one of those years. The friends of Augusta Street Park are gearing up for their wonderful little music festival “5 Wednesd......


Fun, Fairs & Festivals! - theHumm July 2019

By Miss Mills

It’s finally summer! After a long winter and delayed spring, we have stumbled out of our holes, squinted into the sun, and are only just feeling secure enough to leave our jackets at home. Summer......