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Arts Carleton Place - Carleton Place

Arts Carleton Place is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to empowering artists and area residents through the arts. They are planning a summer community fundra....

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Fieldwork - Maberly

Fieldwork is a volunteer-run outdoor public art project near Perth. We are looking for volunteers to assist in several aspects of our work this year: copywr....

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Kanata Art Club - Kanata

The Kanata Art Club was formed in the 1960s by a group of nine individual artists. Since then, the club has expanded to a membership of 100 or more. The facility consists of....

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MERA - McDonalds Corners

McDonald's Corners/Elphin Recreation and Arts. This not-for-profit community arts organization provides a myriad of arts and recreation activities for people of all ages. Our Heritage Schoolhouse is busy all week with dancers, f....

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The Young Awards - Almonte

The Young Awards mission is to foster dynamic arts initiatives in the schools of Mississippi Mills. The principal fundraising activity i....

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Together Smiths Falls - Smiths Falls

Working to create a better community through events and projects that will enhance the quality of life in Smiths Falls, encourage community involvem....

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About the Directory

This directory of local resources is based on the lists of local businesses and resources that we've compiled at theHumm over the years as we've worked on our annual guides (eg classes/courses, volunteering, gift giving) and our event calendar. It's a natural extension of our work in scanning the region for great resources, and it's a work in progress.

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