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Agapé Gardens - Perth

Agapé Gardens is a home made, small scale labour of love located in rural Perth. Through its hand grown, hand crafted nutrient-dense products we want to share our journey of passion for health and well-being.The Gardens produce a s....

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Aster Lane Edibles - Kinburn

Aster Lane Edibles specialize in herbaceous edible plants for gardens; design and implementation of edible landscapes; garden consultation services (e.g. plant identification and inventory sessions....

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Ballintotas Alpacas - Braeside

Ballintotas Alpacas operates a farm gate store on the property.....

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Coutts Country Flavours Store - Perth

A fourth generation family farm near Ridea Ferry selling vegetables, locally reared meat, maple products, ready-m....

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Harvest Moon Orchard - Carp

A small family orchard right in Carp. Orchard store sells a love....

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Lacelle’s Apiary - Mississippi Mills

Honeys, beeswax candles and skin creams, beekeeping courses, private beekeeping ....

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Nick Coutts Rainbow Trout - Perth

Locally reared rainbow trout based out of the Coutts Family Farm near Rideau Ferry. Aside from selling fresh and frozen hand-filleted trout, Nick ....

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Rock-N-Horse Farm - Almonte

Arlee and Diane Sheets run a non certified organic farm that doesn't use antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides in their feed or on their animals.Kids 8-12 can learn ab....

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Wildrose Country Homestead - Clayton

Handcrafted pure goat milk soaps, lip balms and other toiletry items, goat meat (by piece or whole)....

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This directory of local resources is based on the lists of local businesses and resources that we've compiled at theHumm over the years as we've worked on our annual guides (eg classes/courses, volunteering, gift giving) and our event calendar. It's a natural extension of our work in scanning the region for great resources, and it's a work in progress.

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