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Archives Lanark - Perth

Local historians and genealogists, families, church groups and school children use the Archives. The ....

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Arnprior and District Historical Society - Arnprior

The Arnprior and District Historical Society is dedicated to the history of the local region. Interesting talks are held five times a year. Formed in 1967,....

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Info for Friends of the Arnprior and District Museum

Arnprior McNab/Braeside Archives - Arnprior

The Archives was established to acquire, preserve and make accessible important historical documents pertaining to the history of the area. They are seeking volunteers to serve the public one afternoon per week. Individual and group training is provided by the ....

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Info for Arnprior Public Library

Lanark County Genealogical Society - Smiths Falls

The Lanark County Genealogical Society is located at Heritage House Museum, Old Sly’s Road, in Smiths Falls. As a self-help library, we are seeking volunteers to greet visitors....

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Schoolbox - Almonte

SchoolBOX is a registered Canadian Charity that helps children access primary education in Central America. Our community....

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The Young Awards - Almonte

The Young Awards mission is to foster dynamic arts initiatives in the schools of Mississippi Mills. The principal fundraising activity i....

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This directory of local resources is based on the lists of local businesses and resources that we've compiled at theHumm over the years as we've worked on our annual guides (eg classes/courses, volunteering, gift giving) and our event calendar. It's a natural extension of our work in scanning the region for great resources, and it's a work in progress.

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